GOOD NEWS: New low protein products have been added to the GMS list!

The following products are available to order. Please contact your dietitian for a prescription.

Taranis Dalia Powder 400 g tin

Taranis Low Protein Cake All Flavours (6 Cakes x 40g)

Taranis Low Protein Cake Mix 300 g

Taranis Low Protein French Toast (4 Pack of 4 French Toasts) 250 g

Taranis Low Protein Pancake & Waffle Mix 300 g pack

Taranis Low Protein Shard Biscuits All Flavours (4 Pack of 4 Biscuits) 130 g pack

Taranis Low Protein Shortbread Biscuits All Flavours (4 Pack of 5 Biscuits) 120 g pack

For more info see Taranis catalogue

You can see the GMS codes for each newly approved product and other products which are available to purchase here Taranis Pharmacy Patient List 020817

Also Promin’s fresh bread has been approved. Once Promin have sorted out all the logistics and the bread is ready to order I’ll post it on the website

Well done to everyone who helped make this possible!