LIST of products NOT containing Aspartame

Ribena Blackcurrant concentrate – RoI & NI

Ribena Blackcurrant ready-to-drink   – RoI & NI

Ribena Very Berry   – NI only

Ribena Mini Blackcurrant   – RoI & NI

Ribena Mini Apple/Mango   – RoI & NI

Orangina (but NOT Orangina Light)   – RoI & NI

Lucozade Sport Low Cal Orange  – RoI & NI

Lucozade Sport Mango Passion fruit   – NI Only

Lucozade Sport Brazilian Guava   – NI only

Lucozade Caribbean Crush   – NI only

Lucozade Citrus   – RoI only

True Nopal Cactus Water   – RoI only, but just launching now in NI


RoI & NI indicates the product is sold in both Rep of Ireland and Northern Ireland

RoI only indicates the product is only sold in the Rep of Ireland

NI only indicates the product is only sold in Northern Ireland


We would stress that people with PKU should continue to always check the label as there may be new products, flavours or reformulations further down the line.