We need to get a meeting with Simon Harris TD, Minister for health. All non constituents can request an appointment ‘to discuss pertinent information relating to the Kuvan campaign for Irish PKU patients’ by emailing ministersdiary@health.gov.ie Please ask your relatives and friends to do the same.
Can I also ask all constituents to try and get an appointment through his constituency office by ringing 01 2813727 / 045 851616 if you haven’t done so already.
If and hopefully when you get an appointment can you please email info@pku.ie. It would be totally up to you if you want to join the meeting as well. We have representatives from the PKUAI who are ready and willing to meet with him, along with yourself or not.

See attached a template letter which you can amend and send to ministersdiary@health.gov.ie

Simon Harris template letter Nov 17